The Benefits of sports footwear

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Benefits of sports footwear

The sports footwear usually goes unnoticed when analyzing the physical performance of a professional, when in fact it is a key aspect when it comes to preventing and avoiding injuries. Therefore, we must be very careful when buying it and look at several aspects. It is advisable to have a correct advice since each shoe is designed for the practice of a specific sport, and within each discipline, there may be variations depending on the surface on which it is practiced. “A very obvious case is the differences between football boots to play on artificial turf and natural grass, nor should we wear a particular sports shoe to practice another, such as running sports shoes to play tennis, for example”, says Carlos Díez, Head of Sanitas Medical Services – Real Madrid. Another key factor is the damping, vital so that the joints do not suffer at the time of performing any sporting activity. Each of the brands of sports shoes uses a different model of the air chamber, so we will have to prove which is the most suitable for our characteristics. In addition, you have to look at the drawing of the sole according to the terrain and the sport that is going to be practiced.


Sports footwear are currently manufactured with the most advanced technology in terms of active footwear, since it is very important for the physiological health of the foot to have footwear that protects it from any sudden movement that may occur while we play sports. Most of the brands dedicated to the manufacture of sports shoes take into account some parameters to follow that make the footwear as comfortable and safe as possible; For example, it is important to keep in mind that the feet must be parallel to each other, either when walking or when running, because the toes have to point directly to the front, however, there are a lot of sports shoes that are designed with their tips up causing, with their continuous use,

The inner edge of the sports footwear must have a straight line running from the heel to the tip of the big toe, as this prevents the foot from deviating outwards, causing the appearance of bunions or injuries. the arch of the foot

The length of the footwear must have a measurement of approximately 1.5 cm greater than the measurement of the foot since the space between the tip of the big toe and the second finger must be intermediated with the tip of the shoe, the same happens with the height; This is because the toes must be able to move freely inside the sports shoes. With regard to the sole, we must ensure that it is not so thick or hard as this prevents the foot can perform correctly

Natural movements, in addition, the sports shoes must adapt exactly to the heel and the back of the foot.


Of all the types of footwear that the market offers us at the moment, we all know that the sports footwear is the most convenient, not only because it is manufactured to give us comfort while we perform some activity, but also because it is usually the most durable footwear in the industry.

Most sports shoes have a small heel to protect the heel of the continuous hit with the ground, this cue must be wide but not very high and it is preferable that it is rubber to reduce the blow.

The ideal sports shoes should be comfortable should protect the foot and ankle from injuries and possibly improve performance. Footwear has caused problems since antiquity and more recently many of the problems of the forefoot have been related to the faulty adjustment of the footwear

Finally, With respect to the information mentioned above, we can conclude that a sports shoe must comply with a series of specific characteristics without neglecting the most important thing is to take care of and protect the physical integrity of the athlete so as not to undermine their performance and safety.

Therefore it is recommended to acquire sports shoes that are in accordance with the activity to be practiced in order to avoid injuries and have a higher performance, emphasizing that the brand of the manufacturer of the sports shoe is very important since it is taken into account the experience of the one that elaborates them and the quality of the materials with which those sports shoes were made

As time goes by, research is carried out and new products are created according to the needs and characteristics of the athletes. Increasing the benefits of your footwear achieving the optimal performance required for any type of sport.

In this case, we talk about footwear used in basketball, thanks to the innovations of the materials used in its preparation, the athlete finds satisfaction in the article.

When carrying out activity, the tennis manages to adapt to the type of foot achieving an effect of less impact with the surface so as not to cause different injuries in said performance.

The investigation is of great importance to use the suitable tennis for each discipline since, on the contrary, it would not fulfill the needs since these have different characteristics for each terrain.

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