Damaged hair how to manage it

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When we talk about beauty, the hairstyle is very important with facial features. Edible hair not only maximizes femininity but also has a distinctive effect on the appearance of femininity, which is a major determinant of beauty.

In order to produce rich hair, it is good to start systematic management. In particular, intensive care products that are specific to the scalp and hair allow effective hair management.

If you want to have a richer and more gorgeous hair than you have in the coming S / S season, let’s pay attention to the following. From damaged hair care to protect your scalp, to thin and weak hair care, natural hair stylist to learn how to maintain healthy hair in your daily life.

How do I handle the damaged hair?

Once damaged hair is not easily restored, prevention is important in advance. However, the hair is already damaged. It is important to change your habits to make the damaged hair damaged and broken.

Generally, hair care is recommended while using treatments and essences for damaged hair once a week. If the tip of the hair is cracked, it will not recover anyway. The cracked head will eventually rise upwards, so it is best to cut it as far as possible.

Damaged hair is cut off, and healthy hair should prevent damage from progressing. The important thing in the process of closing and drying your hair is to supply the lost moisture and nutrition and to trim the cuticle on the surface of the hair. Therefore, intensive care should be taken with highly penetrating shampoo, conditioner, treatment or hair pack.

What are the habits of protecting your scalp?

For a resilient hair, a healthy scalp should be supported. The most important thing is the daily shampoo.

Care should be taken when using any shampoo, as the hair may become drier and the damage may deteriorate. It is good to use exclusive shampoo for damaged hair, especially shampoo ingredient as well as efficacy.

Depending on the person, the hair is wound once every two days, but winding in the evening is advantageous because it can remove wastes. However, if the scalp is asleep while sleeping or getting outside, moisture can cause mold and other things to occur.

When you wrap your head, it is better to put the foam in your hand and put it on your head rather than bubble it with your hair shampooed. Some people even shampoo, rinse and treat before the scalp gets wet enough. However, it may cause hair damage as well as scalp inflammation and hair loss.

How to manage hair that is thin and weak and tears away ?

The most basic scalp care method is the correct shampoo method. However, if you want to get more immediate results, we recommend that you use a step-by-step hair-only product.Thin, weak hair may also occur with blocked scalp. It’s also a good idea to use scalp care products and scalp scalings at hair shops.

Scalp management requires periodic management. Even if you carefully scrub your shampoo every day, scaling is necessary and it is appropriate to do it every 2 to 3 weeks. In this case, consult with a professional to know your scalp type correctly and use the right product for your condition.


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