Dangerous asthma symptoms

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A serious attack

According to today’s medical news, “In exceptional cases, asthma can be particularly life-threatening if not treated properly or quickly,

Signs of severe attack

Symptoms that warn you about a dangerous asthma attack are coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Taking medication

Inhalers and medicines are used for asthma and take medical action before symptoms worsen.

Dangerous symptoms

Asthma symptoms indicate symptoms such as severe wheezing, rapid breathing, chest or neck pain, difficulty speaking, completely extinguished, sweaty face, blue lips or blue nails.


All episodes may be different. One attack is light, but the other is serious. According to the Medical News Today, 5 out of 100 suffer from asthma. The severity of asthma varies, but mild symptoms are most common. However, asthma symptoms can be dangerous.

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