How to decorate your restaurant to attract customers on Valentine's Day?

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The Christmas holidays are over, a new year has arrived and, with it, new celebrations. And one of the most important will be Valentine’s Day, a perfect occasion to celebrate love.

celebrate love

Although Valentine’s Day is deeply rooted in our culture, we surely do not know why it is celebrated. In this case, its origin dates back to the third century in Rome, during the Empire of Claudius II, who prohibited marriages, since according to him, being married prevented the soldiers from being good fighters, because he considered that, by having a wife, they tied themselves sentimentally, which prevented them from having a good war performance.

However, a priest named Valentine’s secretly continued to marry the young lovers, until he was discovered by the Emperor and condemned to death by rebellion and disobedience on February 14, 270. From there, this international tradition emerges that year a year allows to dedicate a full day to love.

And like every year, the lovers who celebrate this date, are dedicated to finding the most special, fun and entertaining places to surprise their better half, which becomes a perfect occasion to give our restaurants a romantic and striking touch.

4 steps to decorate and attract customers to your restaurant on Valentine’s Day

Dress up your love restaurant

The first step you must take is to decorate your restaurant on Valentine’s Day for the occasion, you must breathe an atmosphere of romance and love.

You can start, lowering a bit the intensity of the lights to give a sense of privacy. The red colors must be present in every detail, such as tablecloths and napkins. You can also spread rose petals on the tables, light candles and decorate the room with floral arrangements.

To complete the sensory experience, it is best to include a musical thread according to the occasion and fill the atmosphere with delicate and sweet aromas.

Organize a romantic menu

To do this, you can present your desserts and most outstanding dishes in a different way that refers to the date, such as making them in the form of a heart or with a special decoration You can also adapt the names, so they are more romantic and flashy for the occasion.

Also, you can prepare new exclusive recipes just for Valentine’s Day, so customers will know it’s an opportunity they can not pass up.

Valentines Day romantic menuHave a souvenir from your restaurant

Have some kind of special attention to your client that day, so you will be present to attend more often and celebrate there all kinds of occasions. You can have the gesture of giving them a drink or surprise them with some detail where the image of your restaurant stands out.

Promote Valentine’s Day in style

Right now, when choosing a restaurant, we go to social networks and look for the best options. For this reason, we recommend that weeks before February 14 you make a campaign of intrigue, where you will gradually showing the decoration, the menu, the surprises that you will have that day and everything that makes your restaurant the ideal place to celebrate that special date.

Make your restaurant part of the celebration of the day of love, offering your customers a unique experience for all your senses and find everything you need to make it possible.

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