Discover in this article fantastic and useful tips to make simple plumbing repairs in your home.

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We always say that if you see yourself immersed in a traffic jam, it is best to go to the service of the best professionals of urgent unblocking to avoid major damages. However, there are other simpler plumbing repairs that we can do ourselves.

We give you five tips to deal with these plumbing repairs successfully.


simple plumbing repairs in your home

Tips for making plumbing repairs

If you notice a loud and loud noise coming from the pipes you should know that surely, due to an extra effort from the duct system, you may have to remove air from the pipes. If you want to forget about this problem, we tell you how to purge the pipes.

If there is something that is annoying and expensive, it is without a doubt, that the cistern that loses water. We tell you how to repair a tank that drips easily.

Another of the most common repairs in our home is that of the dripping tap. The uninterrupted use of the tap causes the moving parts of the mechanism to wear out. Learn how to fix a faucet that loses water.

Small domestic water leaks can be detected. If possible. We tell you how to detect water leaks at home.

Over time, in the toilets and in the filter of the washing machine, small fabrics, chips accumulate. From time to time we must clean the filter of the washing machine to prevent that the waste ends up inside the appliance causing a major breakdown.

Learn How To Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

For more complex plumbing repairs, such as the rupture of the general pipeline of your neighbors’ community or urgent traffic jams, do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of a plumbing professional.

Discover in this article seven great tips to save water in the bathroom and deal with the current water shortage.

In recent months, in which the drought is going strong, we are becoming more aware than ever of the importance of saving water in the bathroom.

Controlling the spending of water is everyone’s business. Therefore, we offer you these tips to save water in the bathroom and so that your economy and nature take a break.

Tips to save water in the bathroom

  1. Welcome shower! In reforms and in the new flats, it is opting to eliminate the bathtubs and put in their place shower trays.
  2. Cisterns without dripping, thanks. It repairs the drip of the tank to avoid wasting hundreds of liters per year.
  3. Turn off the bathroom faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving. With this simple gesture, you will prevent water from being wasted. To be exact 12 wasted liters each time you leave it open.
  4. Use saving devices in the taps. They are pieces that are screwed into the tap and mixed with water giving a feeling of more water.
  5. Choose cistern mechanisms with the double discharge valve. With this double push button, you will control the water consumption since according to your needs the discharge will be total or partial. You will save 50% of water.
  6. Use the toilet responsibly. If there is something that should go to the trash, make sure it goes to the trash.
  7. Fix water leaks. If you have confirmed that you have water leaks put yourself in the hands of your best plumber in Bilbao.

We hope we have helped you with these tips to save water in the bathroom. And remember, if you have incidents in your home that require a professional plumbing in USA do not hesitate to contact Plumbing Repairs Palm Springs.

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