Puppy Care

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After the birth of a puppy, care for the mother dog and raise the puppy

Small dogs weighing less than 5 kg have a low incidence of dystocia because the number of litters (number of puppies) is small and the fetus is large. 
Moreover, when I receive the love of my family as one body, I often do not manage my own dog after childbirth.

If your family helps you from the front before the first puppy comes out, your mother will have a sense of security.

However, if the mother dog is exhausted after delivery of the first one, the second or third delivery is often weak and laborious.

In other words, if the number of sperm is large or the mother is tired during delivery, the labor may become weak and the interval of delivery may become longer by about 2 hours.

If this is the case, it is a good idea to take a quick look at the situation and discuss it with a trusted animal hospital.

When you go to the hospital, the mother dog waits for the baby to wait for a moment and then injects the childbirth promoter. It is effective to inject one or two after delivery.


If delivery of the mother’s uterine contractions is so weak that delivery is not feasible, you should consider cesarean section.

For reference, 
it is also helpful to know in advance that the rate of conception, female number, and mammary ability of females are very large even among the same breed, and inherited from female dogs.


Whether or not a puppy can do well after childbirth depends on how much he or she has helped his mother to 
decide whether or not to care for the puppy.

The dog’s personality and behavior are influenced by several factors and are not simply determined by genes and circumstances.

Maternal dog food supply and healthcare method

1. Because it is instinctively sensitive, it prevents strangers or other dogs from approaching. 
2. The place is darker than the bright place is stable to the nerves of the mother and is good for dogs. 
3. Nutritious, digestible food should be fed often in small amounts. 
– It is good to boil milk, cheese, egg yolk, meat internals and soup soup and seaweed soup from time to time. 
4. As the puppy grows, a number of feed increases, so the nutritional value of the food should be increased accordingly. 
5. After 1 week from birth, we call out mother’s dog and light exercise for 5-10 minutes. 
6. After 3 to 4 weeks after delivery, postpartum recovery will be done, so your appetite will increase and your energy will be restored.

Grow a fragile puppy

If you look at the puppies that are born, there are puppies that are dull in motion, weaker in strength than the other puppies, 
can not suck breastfeeding, or lose their nipples to other puppies. 
If you observe these three times after delivery and find these puppies, it can be dangerous if you do not protect them.


A fragile puppy should be attached to the nipple of the belly of the most juicy belly to eat enough breast milk. 
But when the puppy is too weak and does not even have the strength to wash the nipple, breastfeed it and feed it in the bottle. 
The first 5 days are the most important to foster a weak puppy, and when you do your best, you will recover to normal puppy level.


If your mother’s milk is not available or is extremely low, your family will need to be artificially fed with the exclusive formula for the dog. 
It is also recommended that you keep the puppy warm at 30 ° C for the first week during that time. 
Then, when the mother dog gives good care to the dogs, you can keep the temperature of the mountain room at about 20 ~ 25 ℃.


 Artificial mammals are kept at a 45-degree angle every two hours, pulling the puppy slightly to make it easier to swallow without swallowing air. 
The mother is wet with nutrition and has about 40% more energy than milk.


In addition, the mother dog does not manage the excretion of dogs at all. 
If so, hold your puppy after feeding, please give yourself gently massage from the stomach to the anus via the fingers. 
It is the most important time for two weeks after birth, so if you raise it well during that period, you will have passed the hard horn.


There is an individual difference in growth of each dog, but after about 12-13 days of age, the horizontal line of the eye begins to fall a little. 
It usually starts to open around 14-17 days after birth and becomes clear pupil about 20-25 days after birth and gradually becomes visible.

When your eyesight is getting better, you can see the dogs walking on their gait.

A young puppy sleeps almost all day except for a few moments after milking. 
At this time, the puppy pulse is about 90-120 times per minute, respiration is about 50-60 times, and body temperature is around 39 ℃.

The action of the puppy born in the household state

At delivery, the puppy is wrapped in a thin pouch, sometimes with the pouch tearing out. 
This is due to housework, so if left untreated, it will be the same as the stillbirth, so quick action is required.

These dogs should be immediately moved to a warm place, 
rinse the mucous membrane of the dog’s nostrils with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, rub lightly on the body, lightly cover the mouth and give artificial respiration to the nose. 
If you see the puppy breathing while breathing, send it to your mother immediately to suck the milk.

Puppy with baby food

I think it is appropriate to start the baby food after 42 days of age. 
This is because hydrochloric acid is secreted to activate the protein digesting enzyme pepsinogen.

Also, after 45 days of age, the quality of the mother’s milk begins to deteriorate, so it is recommended to start the hatching. 
We will try not to milk your babies, so please milk your baby at the right time to prepare for a new adoption.

Another assertion is that we have to wean 4 weeks and begin baby food 5 weeks. 
However, my dogs have experienced childbirth and it is good to start milking slowly while weaning.

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